Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy

Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy

Dedicated to a Healthy LegacyDedicated to a Healthy LegacyDedicated to a Healthy Legacy

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About Us

Breeder Experience

We are a new breeder and are currently co-op breeding with Copper Star Farms. Located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, we are centrally located on the east coast and a great place not only for you to visit our herd but to go see the wild pony herds of Chincoteague and Assateague islands. As our herd grows we will drop out of the co-op program and become completely self sufficient.  

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

The high pedigree, amazing personality and conformation of Copper Star Farms herd has provided us with first class bloodline that is beyond reproach. We take a great deal of pride in our work and will be keeping our herd fairly small so all of our mini's get as much interaction with and attention from us as possible. The combination of pedigree and personality we strive to deliver will be hard to overlook and even harder to leave once your here! Come on over and spend some time with our herd while we answer any pedigree questions you have and you'll be head over hooves for every one of them!

A Furever Friend

Like the rest of the animals in the equine family, miniature donkeys are a life long decision. Regularly living 30+ years, these small packages come with big personalities....they make it very hard to leave the barn once you form a bond with them. 

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